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Ashwagandha for Stress Relief

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Discover serenity and vitality with Bluebein's Ashwagandha Tablets, sourced from potent roots. Combat stress and anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and boost energy naturally. With traditional remedies like testosterone support and anti-ageing properties, achieve holistic wellness effortlessly.

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Promotes Restful Sleep

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Alleviates Stress & Anxiety

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Anti-Ageing Properties

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Boosts Energy and Stamina

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How to Consume Ashwagandha Tablet?

Consume 1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

When to Consume Ashwagandha Tablet?

The ideal time to consume Ashwagandha is after a meal.


Boost your energy with our Root-Powered Ashwagandha Bliss.

Say goodbye to weakness and soothe your nerves with Bluebein's GMO-free Ashwagandha Tablets – crafted exclusively from powerful roots. Our herbal product battles mild anxiety, letting you conquer stress. It aids in enhancing the body's overall health with its numerous advantages. Plus, it's a natural testosterone booster for men.






Benefits of Ashwagandha

Promotes Restful Sleep
Ashwagandha improves sleep quality and patterns.

A Traditional Remedy
It has been used for curing impotency as it helps in improving testosterone levels.

Alleviates Stress & Anxiety
It also helps to enhance stress management and reduces anxiety.

Boosts Energy and Strength
It helps to improve physical energy, combats fatigue, and improves stamina.

Improves Focus
It helps to stay attentive and improves functioning. It also helps in improving the memory.

Anti-Ageing Properties
Rich in antioxidants, it protects cells from oxidative stress, potentially supporting anti-ageing effects.



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Boost Your Energy With Our Root-Powered Ashwagandha Bliss

Say goodbye to weakness and soothe your nerves with Bluebein’s GMO-free Ashwagandha Tablets – crafted exclusively from powerful roots. Our herbal product battles mild anxiety, letting you conquer stress. It aids in enhancing the body’s overall health with its numerous advantages. Plus, it’s a natural testosterone booster for men.

How to Consume?
Consume 1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

When to Consume?
The ideal time to consume Ashwagandha is after a meal.

VJ Ramya
Vijay TV Actor
A revolutionary product that helps me in achieving a healthy and a balanced lifestyle
I’m a strength & conditioning coach and an artist by profession. I have undergone so many serious injuries and over a period of time my tendons, ligaments and joints got weaker. This omega 3 had 450..
I use it every morning which is the secret to my healthy skin and weight management, Would definitely recommend using this product
This made my aches a thing of the past. Simple, effective, and a total game-changer!
After adding these tablets to my routine, my skin radiated a healthy glow

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Ashwagandha is generally safe, though extensive studies are not available for longer periods. But if you are on any medication or on any treatment for any other disorder, pls consult your ayurvedic physician or the healthcare professional with whom you consult for other conditions before taking Ashwagandha.

Pregnant & nursing mothers, people on immunosuppressants, those on thyroid medication and those with type 1 diabetes etc, should strictly take advise of their clinicians before use.

Yes The roots of Ashwagandha can help. Ashwagandha reduces the stress hormone levels and so relieves stress and improves hormonal performance in men and so can help reduce erectile dysfunction problems and can improve mens performance. May also help improve sperm quality and semen volume.

Yes for Adult women, but should not be taken by Pregnant or nursing mothers without clinicians advise, as it has many other effects like a sleeping aid, helps relieves stress, have control on hypertension & helps reduce weight

Some studies say that ashwagandha may help improve fertility in both men and women, more so in men.

1 tablet once a day or twice a day based on the needs or as directed by the healthcare professional.

In the suggested dose, may show up drowsiness or sleepiness after some doses. But when the dosage exceeds or in large doses, can cause stomach upset, diarrhea or vomiting & in rare cases of high dose, liver damage.

Consistent consumption of ashwagandha, improves muscle strength & enhances muscle growth.

Any drug or natural product can interact with other medications. Ashwagandha may interact with Blood pressure, diabetic, thyroid or immune system drugs. So, pls consult your health care professional for advise, dose, timings etc.

May be weeks. It all depends on the dosage and the expected outcomes. Some studies say that it may take a few days to weeks for obvious results being a natural product.

Any person may be allergic to a product. Any product may be allergic to some people. Ashwagandha can cause skin rashes, inflammation, itching, pain in the chest and breathing difficulties sometimes.

Customer Reviews

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Kavi .

Ashwagandha for Stress Relief

Hi Kavi! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating! We really appreciate your support. Keep discovering wellness with Blubein!

P .
Good product..

I am using this ashwagandha ameging result I have got...

Baraniramkumar vk

Its ik

Energy infused tablets

This will literally make you feel energised and regular use has a huge impact. This has become a part of my routine now.

Neel Parekh
A perfect dose of energy

A good supplement for men's stamina and dose of energy. Very effective product and beneficial to a great extent.