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Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss (Vitamin B6 & B12)

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Introducing India's First Clinically Tested ACV for Weight Loss, boosted with pomegranate extract for Weight Management, Digestive Health, and Antioxidant Support. Also, fortified with Vitamin B6, B12, and essential minerals for Immune Strength and overall Health.

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Reduce Weight
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Improve Digestion

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Helps to reduce
Blood Sugar

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Vitamin B6 & B12

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Unleash Vitality with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ++

Effective Weight Management
Feel full sooner with apple cider vinegar, aiding in reduced calorie intake.

Enhanced Digestive Health
Pomegranate extract acts as a prebiotic, fostering beneficial gut bacteria growth.

Vital Vitamin Support
Vitamin B6 and B12 contribute to immune, heart, and brain health.

Powerful Antioxidants
Pomegranate extract's rich antioxidants shield cells from free radical damage.

Improved Exercise Endurance
Pomegranate extract's polyphenols accelerate muscle recovery, boosting exercise stamina.

Provides Vital Minerals
These effervescent tablets contain various vital minerals, like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorous, that help maintain your health.





Brand recommended by the Nutrionist

1,00,000 +

Units sold


Safe & Genuine



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Real Transformation - Based on the study

30 days - You Can feel full
✅ Your abnormal food intake can come down
✅ Digestion can improve
✅ Appetite if abnormal may decrease
✅ Constipation problems can reduce
✅ Gas discomfort gets eased

60 days - You can feel light
✅ Waist circumference can come down
✅ Hip circumference can reduce
✅ Body weight changes can be felt
✅ Body mass index can reduce

VJ Ramya
Vijay TV Actor
A revolutionary product that helps me in achieving a healthy and a balanced lifestyle
I’m a strength & conditioning coach and an artist by profession. I have undergone so many serious injuries and over a period of time my tendons, ligaments and joints got weaker. This omega 3 had 450..
I use it every morning which is the secret to my healthy skin and weight management, Would definitely recommend using this product
This made my aches a thing of the past. Simple, effective, and a total game-changer!
After adding these tablets to my routine, my skin radiated a healthy glow

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Yes by curbing apetite and aiding digestion

1 or 2 effervescent tablets a day or as recommended by your dietician

Apple cider vinegar when combined with low calorie diet and some exercise routie can help in weight loss and past experience with various groups of people support this claim.

Yes when combined with low calorie diet and some exercises, ACV can help in weight loss.

No, it can be an addition to healthy diet and exercise.

Any new practice may lead to some symptoms. But not in every person every time. If one has ulcer or other oral cavity issues, those needs to be corrected before consuming ACV.

There are possibilities if more than one product is consumed at the same time. In general no two supplements should be combined at the same time. Pls consult your dietician or healthcare practitioner for appropriate consumption. Take adequate gape between products and take an opinion from your dietician before combining such products for weight loss.

No, Consult your clinician before taking ACV, if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

This product is for adults. Not for children. Otherwise, healthy elderly people can consume these tablets in the given dose after consulting with their clinician for any other existing illnesses and safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Ananthu S
Good product 🤍


Hello Ananthu! Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you were satisfied with our product. Keep Discovering Wellness with Blubein!

Nectar Thampi
Didn’t even receive the product

Where is the product! Without using it how can someone give a review!??

Hello! We apologize for the delay in response. We hope the order has been delivered now, and we will ensure a smooth delivery process.
If you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please feel free to leave a message at 9791020236.

Muniraju M

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss (Vitamin B6 & B12)

Hi Muniraju! Thank you for the 5-star rating! We appreciate your support. #DiscoverWellness with Blubein.

Wait loss

Since using 6days no impact... Waiting full course use...

Hello Vijayakumar! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! For the best results, we recommend using our ACV Effervescent tablets for 8-12 weeks consistently. Don't forget to pair it with a balanced diet and some exercise. #DiscoverWellness with Blubein

Vijayaragavan S
My weight loss journey from 105kg to 85kg

These tablets help with smooth digestion and weight loss, thus they've become a necessary part of my daily regimen.
The effervescent quality of these pills gives taking apple cider vinegar a delightful twist. Just submerge a tablet into some water, watch it bubble, and sip on a cool beverage. Compared to traditional apple cider vinegar shots, this experience is more delightful because the apple flavor is nice and not overbearing.
These pills' 100% vegan composition is a great fit for my dietary requirements.
Since adding these tablets to my routine, I've seen consistent progress in my weight loss. To sum up, Apple Cider Vinegar Effervescent Tablets are a tasty and useful supplement for anyone's daily regimen. They are an essential-try product because of its taste, convenience, and advantages. I really suggest trying these tablets if you're searching for a fun and simple approach to benefit from apple cider vinegar!