Irritating Summer Heat & Interesting Tips To Beat!

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Skin rashes, itching across body parts, feeling tired, lack of energy as it feels like the hot sun sucks your energy and make you feel awkward, leaving you with inability to focus on the routines.
Being in kitchen near the hot stove can irritate you with heat all around. You may find it difficult to cope up with even your regular workouts as you want to get more sleep. Sweating can drench your clothing making you feel uncomfortable. You may want to take a shower every hour and change garments for a fresh feel.
Many experience this with increasing temperatures every summer. You naturally cope up with more water intake. But still the urine is dark and there is a burning sensation as the urine output decreases. This is because the urine is more concentrated and the body needs more water to cleanse the accumulated waste materials in the kidneys. More water is retained by the body to compensate excessive sweating and so the urine output is less.
Body has natural ways to cope up. But we need to adequately take care to maintain the right balance to help our body and mind cope up this summer.

  • Light food leads to less metabolic heat in body – So keep food light
  • Drink more liquids, buttermilk, lemonades, tender coconut, berry shakes and less complex solids
  • Frequent showers with less water usage without a hard soap
  • Less skin exposure to high heat
  • Working out early in the morning before sunrise or after sunset
  • Light colour cotton clothes are better as they don’t hold heat like dark colour synthetic outfits
  • Some meditation can cool your mind from within
  • Stay ground floors, listen to light music and use mint leaves in drinking water, bathing water and in your lemonade to get some cool feel from within
  • Instead of a ceiling fan have a table fan flushing air inside out from home or some fresh air from outside into home
  • Use sun shade curtains or curtains made of bamboo or other natural fibres that can be moisturized by sprinkling water on them to get a natural cool effect.
  • Use mats made of grass, vetti ver, bamboo strips or thick cotton blankets on the windows and doors, near which a table fan can be placed to get a cooling effect
  • Consider treating the terrace of the house with a cooling white paint or an extra coat of a heat resistant material or a shade on top of the terrace to prevent excess heat from directly impacting your home.

Tender coconuts are the best way to replenish the lost minerals with water. Water does not go alone as sweat and urine. They take some minerals also out as they exit. So some small quantities of tender coconut water often can help you stay cool from within.
Electrolytes are important for some key functions in the body and they need to be kept in balance for our better health.
One major health problem is gastroenteritis in summer apart from skin rashes, blisters and other allergic itches. Food gets degraded fast in summer and contaminated water can lead to gastroenteritis, demanding medical attention.
So ensure to cook the right amount of food and use it as fresh as possible, to avoid storing the excess. Ensure that you drink clean water that is heated and then cooled to eliminate the pathogens. Not to consume too much of cold foods that can cause Upper respiratory tract infections in some.
Go natural way to take fluid loaded fresh vegetables and fruits like cucumber & melons etc.
Some foods to add to your diet to add to your electrolyte bank are spinach
Avocados, potatoes, beans, almonds, peanuts, soybeans, strawberries, watermelon, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, milk, buttermilk, yogurt, Chicken, raisins & Olives.
Sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate etc are the electrolytes that help body to maintain normal motor and nervous system functions, the imbalance of which can show up as symptoms.
Some symptoms of electrolyte imbalance are muscle twitching, spasms, headache, numbness, fatigue, confusion & muscle cramps.
People with less food intake, especially in the older age group, those who exercise or involve in workouts for longer hours or vigorously, the sports personnel in practice for longer hours and those who intend to go on a race or a physical activity involving bodily efforts more than normal in shorter period of time can plan to back up their electrolyte reserves with some water an hour or two before the event to avoid muscle cramps and excessive thirst during the event.
Water is essential for basic survival of the cells of the body and human beings can stay without food for more than 4-5 days but to sustain without water beyond 3 days is considered very difficult. Individual needs and differences do exist and this is a general thumb rule.
All basic functions of transport of vital ingredients to excretion of waste depends on water. Balancing body temperature, Keeping the blood pH in normal range, take toxins out of cells, moisturize mucus membranes, joint health and in breaking down the food etc, water is essential for life.
So remain hydrated, means remaining in good health. Alternatively, you may try a easy to carry effervescent electrolyte supplement that can be helpful in maintaining your summer health.

Why This Summer Makes Me Tired? / Why Do I Feel Tired After A Workout?

Longer exposure to sun makes you sweat more than normal.
Higher temperatures than normal can disturb the body temperatures leading to tiredness.
When you have a exercise routine and in summer, when you workout, you sweat more than normal making your body loose its water and some mineral balance, leading to muscles demanding more nutrition can be another reason.
With summer comes more light & heat, not allowing you to have your good night proper deep sleep, leaving you tired when you wake up.
With a workout, you put your body to a higher action than normal, that demands more nutrients from you. Probably, you are not well hydrated and are not listening to your bodies nutritional demands.
Some tips to keep yourself energized this summer & during a workout!

  • Don’t over do physical exercise
  • Be conscious of your bodys water and nutrient needs
  • Eat a proper balanced diet
  • Drink enough water &
  • Try electro+lytes with water after work out to meet your bodys demands.
  • Sleep well
  • Avoid heavy meals, instead break into smaller meals
  • Avoid Alcohol, Colas, caffeinated drinks & smoking.